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Siemàn means ``six hands`` in Veneto dialect.
We are three brothers, Marco, Daniele, Andrea Filippini. Coming from completely different professional backgrounds, we found ourselves sharing the same passion.
For us the plot of land in the ``Colli Berici`` (Berici Hills) area, near Vicenza, has been a turning point, love at first sight.
The passion for agriculture and the genuineness of our grapes also affect our beers, sons of our territory.

Our production

Our wines

The harvesting by hand in boxes ensures an accurate selection of the grapes which subsequently turn into wine.
The fermentation occurs spontaneously with the yeast of the grapes themselves. There are no enological additives of any kind in our wines, except for a tiny bit of sulfur.

Occhio al rosso

Occhio al bianco


Doppio gioco

Prato alto

Lesa maestà



Our production

Our beers

Our beers ferment with indigenous yeasts from our vineyards and mature for several months in oak barrels. We add our best grapes in many of these beers. In this way we are able to link our beers to our territory and to our work as farmers.


Istà Rose

Incrocio rosso

Incrocio bianco

Funky rose




Berry Hills



Secondo Noi


Rive Rosse


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Want to learn more about our beers?