Our farm - Siemàn, winesSiemàn, meaning “six hands” in local Veneto dialect. We are three brothers, Marco, Daniele, Andrea Filippini. Coming from completely different professional backgrounds, we found ourselves sharing the same passion: viticulture.

For us the plot of land in the “Colli Berici” (Berici Hills) area, near Vicenza, has been a turning point, love at first sight.

Step by step, the winemaker and vine grower activity becomes real, becomes an exciting job.

With the passage of time, another passion finds room and expression: the beer. After years of studies and experimentation, the production of the beer comes up beside the work in the vineyard and in the cellar. The natural evolution of the events, and our work philosophy that puts first authentic and genuine occur of natural processes instead of controlled alterations or modifications, permit us to produce spontaneous fermentation beers. These beers are strongly attached to our territory, that gives them all their uniqueness.

From the vineyard to the wine cellar, the love for what we do, observing and listening to nature and the meticulous cleaning accompany our work throughout all phases, with a constant attention to possible improvements in order to obtain mature and genuine grapes to transform into healthy wine from our local territory. The same passion and work are dedicated to the production of our beers.

We cultivate our vineyards stripping down to a minimum the use of outer products, thanks to a careful conduct of the ground all year round. We do not use pesticides or chemical weeding and we use fungus based products inasmuch as they are inducers of resistance, in order to reduce verdigris. We cultivate mostly autochthonous grapes, in order to safeguard and preserve our territory .

Our wines are born from these grapes. In the wine cellar, the fermentation takes place spontaneously by means of indigenous yeasts, no manipulation occurs during the various phases of the wine-making, no outer products of any kind are added, if not a small quantity of potassium metabisulphite in the wort, when necessary. We follow this process working as much as possible on cleanliness, waiting, listening and respecting the natural rhythm of the process itself. The wines rest in barrels, concrete and steel in order to enhance the characteristics of the grapes from which they originate. In this way the wine in the wine glass expresses all its territorial character.

Our beers are born from these grapes too. Depending on the year and on the organoleptic equilibrium we aim for, part of our grapes is used to produce our beers. In each beer you will be able to find our territory, our work in the vineyard and the connection to our wines. Fermentation and aging occur, slowly, in wood barrels different in capacity and essence, without shortcut, forcing or technological process control.

The farm is located in Villaga, area of Barbarano Vicentino - Vicenza, in the Colli Berici hills: nine hectares of hilly terrain, part of which is woodland. On one side, moving along the vineyard, you may rise to the top of the hill which offers an enchanting view of the Colli Euganei hills, beyond which, on a clear day, you may get a glimpse of the Apennines. On the other side, the sight of the hill is wider and more gentle, delimited towards the sky by the woods, great hat between the ground and the sky. The vineyards, in a wonderful sloping position, are well exposed to the sun and benefit from the hills’ natural ventilation.

The property is characterized by biodiversity in which, together with the vineyards, the olive trees and the woods, a great variety of flowers, plants and animals, such as deers, hares, bees, pheasants and various species of birds, cohabit in peace and harmony.